I am in a bus. The first seat.
Rain glistens beneath the glow of street lamps.
Bombarding heavy droplets aimed straight at me;
Wide-eyed with breath held, watch I, as
Entities we are, travelling at equal momentum, in opposites.
Droplets never seem able to the hit the target - me
But intercepted at the windshield; my heroic shield it is;
They trail downward with a silent wail
While I watch with a relieved smirk.

I am in a train. Away from the window.
Wary of the dark wispy clouds racing along.
Droplets drop in to reach out to me
Assuming a multitude of trajectories
Fall down in vain, away from me safely sheltered.

I am on the road. Umbrella-ed.
Encountereth I, traps laid in puddles
Dodge and hop over them I do
Never to let the beast get me in any way
Shifty eyes positioning mentally automobiles around
To evade the splashes of mud
Crouched from the fiend of a wind.
I am at home. Watching the rain.

Beautiful day it is, to sip steaming coffee
When aroma from the cup kisses the smell of rain
When the warmth trickles inside to melt the freeze
When the stalker has been ditched to a distance - the rain.

Being Yossarian from Catch-22 (who has a paranoia that there’s a conspiracy to get him)