Flailing amid ghosts of uncertainty
In the throes of thwarted ambitions
Bound to thy sentiments; let go me!

Soar I, in the illusion of wings sprouted
Departing the canopy into the clouds
Grounded though, in reality, I was
Crashing came the unwitting cognizance -
Toils of conformity from love or remorse;
Bound though, bound thee, never free.

Weakness of the single moment, fear I
Haunt it will, with a shrewd eye,
Mocking the oxymorons that are I.

Morph into a snake that sheds at will
Conceal in a cocoon, coward-like
Retract into a shell, far from sight
Burrow into grounds, deep inside
Options check off I, into oblivion
Born I was into something, nought else.

Remove again the cord, as from the womb,
Reborn I shall be and survive.