Beliefs — they do differ;
Your belief and my lack thereof
In an entity invisible
The lack born from crunching of
Curiosity preprocessors non-stop,
In motion from childhood.

Reason awakened to values as
The only ideals to uphold necessary
As was preached by all propaganda
Shunning instruments extricated of ideals,
Blindly propagated blank instruments and
Archaic practices without rationale.

Curiosity branched into scepticism
Fueled by the mob mandates
Of opinions and individual stands.

Though not held by absolutes
When in the way comes, love
Accompany I shall, to share
Moments, as everything else
Participate, expect not, to not
Wallow in judgement or deception,
Detest not, my independent thought
In harmony shall we live with rationale.

~ A semi-atheist in a place of worship