Sometimes I travel to the past
In short term trips triggered
By longing that shadows cast
When destiny gets to snigger

Oh no, destiny did say I?
For, believe I not in the beast,
In a world fueled by power of I
Unless the effort is ceased.

Trials of creative endeavour
Battered though by routine’s rut
Into a state of cunning devour
Stringing into a series of but.

When can the mind crawl-wander?
Sneaking in and out of pits of wonder,
Without any shame and guilt
Thrust by traps of structure built

Over years and bundled into badges
Of customs, traditions and culture
Flattening all individual’s edges
Into a shape not one’s signature

Flashing lights of alarm when
Any outlier is on verge of incoming
The badges desire not competence
But only indistinguishable compliance

Only so that none rises above the rest
And preserve harmony of the thoughtless nest.
Ponder over the meaning of life
In constant pursuit only to unravel

A meaninglessness of existence
In a world of uncertain free will
In bubbles of prejudices and influences
The only morality then being

Integrity, love and virtue upholding
In beliefs of strength and curiosity
And never to waver in tranquility.