Sunny day it is
“City with the best weather”
— Mocks everybody
Disregard and snuggle on to
The friction of my favourite couch
With the spiral-bound text
Excited for an enquiry on a subject
Wanting to burrow for the familiar warmth
Now a bittersweet hobby and also livelihood
Words slowly swim into nothingness
Eyes trail to the balcony and glaze over
Why not build something?
This, that and that, this
Maybe more inspiration, I need to read
Well, let me think aloud on Roam notes
Or maybe scroll through the apps
Algorithms of thought?
I do need dynamic models of thought
Static mental models no more
If there’s a disaster, the hubris will not close
For desires aplenty there are stacked all over
Only still buoying toward dreaming bigger
Oh wait, why so scatterbrained?
And search for poetry on the phenomenon
To find some solidarity from strangers
Only to scatter back to dreams through Poe
And find it a symptom of overwhelm
All while being stationary to an observer
With only fingers going tip-tap
To rein in the scatterbrain
Is but in vain